France 2023 rescue maze simulation

are there any plans regarding the maze rescue simulation being held on-site in France?

Hi @yusufemad04,

Do you want to know the RoboCup Junior Rescue Simulation will be held as onsite competition ?
We hope so.
However we cannot promise, because it will be decide by the situation of COVID-19.

2022 committee

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Hi @mymama,
where can I find draft rules 2023?

Thank you.

Hi @PeterParker

We didn’t publish the 2023 draft rule.
I thimk it will be pulished soom.

2022 committee.

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Thank you, domo arigato.

A question for 2023: I installed WeBots R2022b and tried some samples, all ok.
Then I used Rescue Simulation World Editor 2021 from here
RoboCupJunior CMS (
I can see only the obstacles, no walls, swamps, etc. Is that World Editor 2021 incompatible with the new R2022b version? What is my mistake? Thank you in advance.