Forms to fill in for virtual competitors

Hi there!

We are from Argentina, and we are competing virtually because we could not travel to Bangkok. We have already filled in the registration form. Is there any other form we need to fill in?

Joaquín - Talos IITA Argentina

Hello @JoaquinRodriguez,

Rescue Simulation is happening online. Three emails have already been sent to the e-mail registered for your team. We need you to fill in 2 specifics Simulation forms and we have given access to a folder where your team will submit your codes each day. The first form asks for Source code, Engineering Journal and digital copy of your Poster. The second form asks about your development platform, compiler, versions, etc. Please verify if you have received and filled everything urgently.

Best regards.

2022 RCJ Rescue Committee

Ok. We will do that.

Joaquin - Talos IITA Argentina