Exiting evacuation zone from entrance

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What happens if the robot exits the evacuation zone from the entrance doorway? Is it a LOP?

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I think it is. Also you can just call a LoP yourself whenever you want to, even if it isn’t seen as a LoP by the referees. (And there is no reason for following the wrong line, so you probably want to call a LoP)
(Rule 4.6.1 a) )

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Hi @HRobo

As @F.Golke says it will be a lack of progress, if the robot starts to line trace out of the evacuation zone. However, technically because the evacuation zone is not a tile (tile points will not be awarded), a lack of progress should be called when the robot reaches the 2nd to last tile before the evacuation zone.


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Dear @F.Golke and dear @kaijunge,

Thank you both for answering it was very helpful.