Evacuation Zone Question


I was reading the updated rules for rescue line, and I had a couple questions:

  1. In section 3.5.14, it reads: “Points are awarded for successfully driving out of the evacuation zone after a successful victim rescue or an attempt to rescue the victim (20 points for finding the line again after driving out of the evacuation zone).” So, what exactly constitutes an attempt to rescue the victim? Would it just be making physical contact with a victim, an attempt to grab a victim with some sort of grasping device, or do both constitute an “attempt”?

  2. Also, it appears that both primary and secondary teams have the option of choosing between the raised and flat evacuation zones. If this is the case, are there any actual differences between the fields that primary and secondary teams play on anymore, as in previous years it was mandatory that secondary teams use the raised evacuation zone?

Thank you for your help.


Dear Bhavik,

  1. We have discussed this internally in TC and decided to define “attempt to rescue the victims” as “touching at least one victim (dead or alive) in the evacuation zone”.

  2. We don’t have any Primary or Secondary leagues at the international event (because we were enforced to reduce the size of the junior leagues). So the rules are identical for all participants, just as Maze has been since the beginning.

Hope this clarifies?
// Fredrik Löfgren, TC and OC member 2016 / 2017


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