Evacuation Point Tiles - Level Two

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1.7.4 Teams can choose between two different evacuation point tiles, which are both right angled triangles with sides of 30 cm x 30 cm: • Level one: The evacuation point is a black triangle with a bump of 5mm along the side that does not touch a wall. • Level two: The evacuation point is a black triangle with 6cm walls and a hollow center.

  1. I observed that many evacuation point tiles following the level two rule have a base made by wood having about cm. 2 thickness, making the internal height to keep the balls/victims around cm. 4.
    Is it a correct way to build it? I remark that in those conditions is easy some balls can come out pushed by others put inside time after time.

  2. If a robot puts the first victim correctly inside the evacuation tile but after a while another victim pushes out the first from the tile the points for the first victim are granted or not? In other words the total points for the victims correctly rescued are calculated at the end of the run considering only the amount of the balls staying inside the tile or step by step everytime a victim is put inside the tile correctly (many robots can put more then one victim at a time inside the tile)?

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You have many good questions :slight_smile:

  1. We don’t specify any building instructions. What the rule says is 6cm walls and hollow center. The center can have a floor but does not need to have a floor. However I would recommend to have a bottom since the judge can roll the dice during a LoP and move the evacuation point (if they suspect premapping) and it is much easier to move the whole evacuation point with all rescued victims if it has a bottom.
    But 2cm bottom seems a bit overkill. Here in Sweden I think it is 12mm normal plywood as bottom.

  2. A rescued victim can not be “un-rescued”. Rule 3.5.12 says “A successful victim rescue occurs when the victim is moved to the evacuation point.” Regardless where the victim may end up later on. But a victim can never be counted twice.

// Fredrik Löfgren

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