Ethernet ports for Simulation computers

In the RCJ Rescue Simulation Rules in section 2.1.3 it states: “Teams must prepare a computer and an ethernet cable to run the prepared programs.”

I assume what this really should say is that the Teams must really provide a computer that has an RJ45 Ethernet port and can connect to a TCPIP network (their DHCP client should be enabled, etc…). Many laptops today do not have Ethernet ports on them.

This might be a bit confusing since the Erebus minimum requirements mentions nothing about Ethernet ports (see Installation | Erebus ( )

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Shouldn’t those teams just prepare a dongle and bring it with them?
Or perhaps obtain one in Bordeaux which shouldn’t be difficult given the size of the location.

You can find usb to RJ45 adapters for a cheap price basically everywhere…

Yes… but I wanted to make sure it was clear that everyone needed one before attending. They should have bought one and tested it out (because those dongles don’t all work with all OS’s).

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shouldn’t it be remote to begin with? all this added difficulty should not be taken lightly considering how easy and cheap it is to do remotely. how do we know what to expect when we arrive? How can it be tested beforehand?

It’s not the same. The cable dramatically increases the connection speed, which impacts the simulation speed. Due to the new real-time restriction this is essential. Plus, in such a busy place with tons of robots and machines that send radio/bluetooth waves, wifi is very prone to interference, even over short distances.

I would like the local host (France) will provide ethernet cables, but not 100% sure, and I will need to get confirmation… I will immediately find out more details on all the network pertinent info ASAP. Stay tuned… Thank you for your patience.

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