Erebus Simulation platform new release - camera resolution change

Hey Everyone!

We have a small announcement regarding Erebus - New Simulation.

  1. We just released a new Erebus version (21.2.3). We decided to make the camera resolution of the robot a lot smaller. 128x128 → 64x40. This change was made to reduce lag and increase overall performance of the simulation.
    Please update your Erebus version as soon as possible. You can get the latest release here:
    v21.2.3 · RoboCupJunior Rescue Committee / Erebus (RoboCupJunior Rescue Simulation) / erebus · GitLab
  2. This version is still compatible with Webots 2021a as the main platform. Please don’t update to 2022a or any other version.

If you have any questions or difficulties regarding this change, feel free to reply in this thread.

2022 Committee

Hello! We have a problem with the resolution change, but it’s fixable. We do have a BIG problem with the new aspect ratio: We are working in training an AI for maze exploration for this competition, and we rely on the camera as our main sensor, and being able to see both the walls and floor in the frame. We have been working on this for months, and this renders a good part of our efforts useless.

We have also found a way to reduce the lag produced by the camera: we activate and deactivate the sensor every other steps or every 2 or 3 steps and then we activate it again. This greatly reduces lag, discarding frames that are almost identical with each other.

If it isn’t possible to change the camera back to what it was, could you at least change back the aspect ratio so we can see the same amount of stuff? We think the camera was one of the most interesting sensors to work with, it would be a shame if it was downgraded so much!

EDIT: Also the gain in performance is negated (at least for our team) with all the filtering we will now have to do to compensate.

Thank you!
Titan Team / Talos Team

Hi @ale,

The Rescue committee announced the change with the camera resolution at the RCJ Forum back in Feb. We are sorry that you missed the announcement.

Since the majority of teams participating in RoboCupJunior 2022 Bangkok is already using v21.2.4 or v21.2.3,
we need to adhere to the version. We hope you will check the Forum announcements regularly from now on so that you will not miss any important announcements from the Rescue committee.

Thank you for your understanding.

2022 committee