hi, i have seen that there is a new section in the personal page called “engineering journal”, what is it? When is the deadline ?

Hi @lucaSartore

The engineering journal is a document each team must make during the development process of the robot. It is (and has been for many years) in the rules (see 3.4.8 for the Rescue Line rules) for your reference.

In your case, if you have recorded texts and videos over the development cycle, you can perhaps complie that into a document?

You can also see how exactly this will be scored in the rubrics used for marking each team’s documentation.

Hope this helps.

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so the engineering journal’s deadline is the 15th as the TDP?


Yes it is.

2021 TC

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we participate the first time and we are not yet familiar with the shortcuts…

So we have to upload the engineer journal up to the 15 January?


Hi @clueless ,

Please ask competition organisers which you will participate.
This forum is only for questions relating international competition and international rules.
We have no way to know your regional specific information.

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