Eligibility To Participate As A Foreigner


I am an Egyptian student enrolled in Russian University; Can I officially participate in RoboCup Junior Russia?

Hey Roshdy,

you should contact the RoboCup Junior Russia responsibles. I don’t know who organizes the national competition, but you can start contacting Russias regional representative. You can find the contact information in this list:


I would say that your nationality does not matter. What matters is where the school/university you participate with is located, but the responsible organizing committee will know for sure.


Hi Roshdy,

The regional representative for Russia is Evgeny Shandarov (evgenyshandarov@gmail.com). RoboCup defines the region by your residence. If you live in Russia, you have to go through the Russian system.

Also you can find the list of regional representatives at RoboCupJunior.org under Community page.

RoboCupJunior is a competition for students up to 19 year old. So it is technically not for University students. You might have to contact the Major leagues to find out their process.

Warmly, Amy