Duda acerca del registro

En el campo donde dice “Tax identification number” ¿Que es lo que se debe colocar?

Hi @Gabriel

Could you please post your question in english. The forum is meant for discussions in English for everyone to understand and take part in!

Thank you.

¿Podría publicar su pregunta en inglés? ¡El foro está destinado a debates en inglés para que todos los entiendan y participen!


2021 TC

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In addition, we are not familiar with registration questions, so I recommend that you should ask CVENT’s “Contact us”.
That way you can get a quicker answer.
English is desirable when asking questions to “Contact us”. :slight_smile:

2021 TC

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About it, what is and how can i contact “CVENT’s” for information about my last question?

Please use this “contact us”.
A staff of RoboCup Federation may answer your question.