Dubbio sul sensore seguilinea

Si può utilizzare il sensore: Sensore di tracciamento a 5 canali per Osoyoo Model-3 Robot Learning Kit V2 (modello n. 2020001700)?

Hello Erika,

If you are intending to create your own code to process the signal provided by the 5-Channel Tracking sensor for Osoyoo Model-3 Robot Learning Kit V2 (model#2020001700), including your own line tracking algorithm, then yes, this sensor is allowed. If you are using any kind of libraries or APIs that require this sensor and allows you to automatically follow the line, then you can’t integrate it that way in your robot.

This thread should help clarify that: Is component KY-033 allowed? - RoboCupJunior Rescue - RoboCupJunior Forum


Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee