Dribbler mechanism

I am using a pulley to drive my dribbler. I could not find anything in the rules explicitly against pulleys, but I am concerned about the rule stating that gears must be covered. While a pulley is not exactly a gear, I’ve covered what can be protected with 3D printed parts. I would appreciate explicit confirmation that this is acceptable according to the rules.

The dribbler would be covered like the one below

Hi Mauricio,

thanks for asking. The gears rule is due to skin getting pinched repeatedly. We have always deemed robots that do this damaged after a couple warnings to fix it but have it in the rules so it can be avoided in the first place.

Your mechanism looks fine to me. You can test it easily by dribbling into a wall or other robot and reaching for the ball. If in moving your fingers around reaching for the ball in there you don’t get pinched anywhere the referees probably won’t be picked either and you’re good.

Looking forward to seeing you in Eindhoven,

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