Draft Rules for 2022 OnStage Released!

The RoboCup Junior OnStage OTC is very happy to release the draft 2022 rules for your perusal and feedback!

Please note that there are substantial changes to the OnStage competition so we welcome all your comments, suggestions and feedback. Please reply to this forum post with your feedback.

My comments on the 2022 changes:
I would highly recommend teams read through the OnStage Overview both on the OnStage Rules and Scoresheets as this outlines the majority of the changes in 2022. We really want the teams to drive their own performances, focusing on highlighting their robot’s features rather than attempting to tick all the boxes on a scoresheet.
These changes have come about after much discussion between our committee members, judges and volunteers so we welcome the opportunity to hear from the OnStage community over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully these new changes will inspire you to create some exciting performances and we look forward to seeing them in 2022!

If there is enough engagement from the community, we will host a Zoom Q&A session to answer questions regarding these changes and help you navigate to success in 2022.

Margaux Edwards
RCJ OnStage OTC 2021/22
RCJ OnStage TC Chair 2020/21

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We have a problem with the page 3. We read something different between rules and the table …
Could you help us ?

Yes - Very happy to clarify things for you. What table were you referring to? Post your queries below and we can see what we can do to help!

in page 3 in onstage rules document

Hello @SBrunel, could you please further elaborate your question regarding page 3 of the rules. What table are you refering to? Page 3 includes the overview of the OnStage league and the explenation of the SuperTeam challenge, but no table.

Hi Christian

Table 1 : Examples of eligibility for participation
The table is not consistent with the rules… for us. But we probably make a mistake…

Hi @SBrunel, I think I know what you mean now. The 2018 OnStage rules have this table on page 3. These aren’t valid anymore as they have been replaced this year. Please take a look at the rules that have been released a few weeks ago under the link at the top of this thread
These do not contain this table anymore.

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