Doing a Draw on OnStage 2023

Hello Committee,

We, from Molibdênio 42 team, intend to use a bike (that will not move) in our performance. And then, at the end of the competition, we thought about draw the bike for free, to the public (judges will not be included in the draw). We want to know if this draw is allowed.

Thank you, Molibdênio 42.

Do you mean to give away a bike you used in your performance?

Yes, we thought about give away the bike to someone after the competition.

Thank you for the clarification. Some more questions… Is it a bicycle or do you mean a motor cycle? When will you do the draw? Soon after your performance, we need to move onto the next team. So there is no time to be on the stage to do a draw after your performance.

It is a bicycle. We thought about doing the draw after all the performances, but if that’s not possible, we thought about doing a live to announce the winner.