Does anything need to be submitted before the competition?


My team was wondering whether we need to submit anything before the competition. I saw in the rules it states that the laser datasheet needs to be submitted prior to the competition, and my team was curious as to whether anything else needs to be submitted (e.g., TDP, Engineering Journal, Poster, etc.).

For everything which does need to be submitted prior to the competition, when and how do we submit it?

Yes, you need to submit the TDP, Engineering Journal, and source code prior to the competition. However, you won’t need to do so until it approaches very closely to the competition start date. All teams will receive notification regarding the logistics of submission.

Gentle Reminder: TDP is an after-thought work, but Engineering Journal reflects the project journal, i.e., each team should have started working on since the beginning of the project.

– Elizabeth Mabrey
2023 Committee member