Documentation's due date


Does anyone know if there is any information regarding the documentation’s due date available? Also, are there any rules regarding fonts? Can we use Roboto, for instance?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @_iandib ,

We are working on sending a timeline with the important dates for the teams, but for now I can share with you that June 16th it’s the deadline to upload all the documentation.

For the fonts, it depends which document you are talking about. The TDP has a template and states that you shouldn’t modify the font type or size. The poster and engineering journal don’t have such requirements, but make sure to keep them legible.


Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee

Hi @Dieguinilombrin ,

Is the deadline of all the documentation for Rescue Line and Maze June 16th as well?


Hi @Remember ,

Correct, it is the same deadline for Rescue Line, Rescue Maze and Rescue Simulation for document submission.

Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee

Hi @Dieguinilombrin,

Thanks a lot for your reply! Best regards,

Ian Dib