Documentation communication module

As we really liked the communication module in the test game for its easiness to simultaneously start the robots and just standing next to the field, more or less relaxing, and watching the robots play their game, I wanted to ask when or even if documentation to this module gets released.
Just asking early, as we hope that this module is used next year more, to start designing the new robot to be ready to use this module.

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Hello, I am really happy that you liked these modules. Here is just temporal documentation, but there is everything (If I forgot something, just tell me, and I will add it (: )

I will try my best not to change footprint and pinout, so when you plan to add some kind of socket for it on your robots, It will be absolutely prefect.

But thanks for nice games in Bordeux and hope see you in Eindhoven :+1:


Thank you very much for all this information. Was definitely more than I expected.
Looking forward to see you next year