Divisons in the future

Based on the rule last year>

“…The plan is to bring the minimum age to the international events to 14 year-old by 2019…”

Will it be safe speculation that there will not be a primary vs secondary divisions?

Hope that’s not the case. I love all those games, but particularly like onstage despite most of our students would rather do Maze | Line | Soccer, because they felt onstage was too wide open. I indeed think that’s when the learning can be so much more dynamic, as it is like an independent project.

Because of that, in my opinion keeping the division between primary and secondary is important not to discourage the younger ones to do onstage.

Just a thought in case my speculation stated earlier is true.

Thank you for sending your thoughts. Regarding for the 2018 rules, we are currently creating a draft. We are discussing so that we can release it as soon as possible, so please wait a moment. Thank you for your patience! :grinning:

I have had older and younger teams. I have been successful in fencing off parents’ intervention in all other leagues, except Dance (theold OnStage).

Considering OnStage is completely open to students’ creativity, the merging of Primary and Secondary to a single Open umbrella will increase even more adult intervention to onStage.

That’s why I do hope onStage will still allow a clear division between primary and secondary leagues.

No matter what the decision may be, Thank you for all your effort!