Disqualified light array

Hi TC,

I just want to verify my understanding on disqualified or qualified light array available. would you please verify the following?

  1. mindsensor light array - allowed. (in black)
  2. mindsensor Line Follower Sensor - not allowed as it comes with a function which tells you the line pattern. This unit looks very much alike with (1) except it is in red.
  3. This is the one which I need to verification: Pololu QTR-8A Reflectance Sensor Array- **
    This is a very nice fast sensor. I noticed the library provides a sample function code to to show you how to use close loop control to read a line. Here is the link.. This function gives you a single value to indicate which side of the line is on, 0 to 7000 (i.e. sensor#0 to sensor#7) However, this is just a sample function which comes from part of the installation. Students will still have to write their own closed loop control code to do line tracing. But the sample function comes with the software, I am wonder if this might have rendered the verdict of disqualification for use for the event.

TC, would you please verify?

Dear Storming Robots,

The reason behind these rules is that the team need to do the work themselves. Not buy a pre-made robot/sensor, or pre-made kit with a Rescue robot/sensor.

  1. Allowed. As long as they program the line follower algorithm by themselves.
  2. Not allowed. Because the sensor itself has a microprocessor doing the line follower algorithm.
  3. Allowed. But please write your own code for it.

Many sensors are OK to use as long as they give “raw” output. The students need to write the algorithms.
Many sensors have good 3rd party libraries and code examples online on advanced PID control or similar things. You are not allowed to copy and paste such code. Not even copy and do small adjustments in variable names (we have seen such in the past).

// Fredrik Löfgren, TC and OC member 2016 / 2017