Displays on Rescue Maze robots

Hello, my team would like to add a display to our robot, however our tutors say that it’s a waste of resources. What advantage would we have by adding a display, and what disadvantage would we have if we didn’t have one? We would like to show our mapping data on the display, so would it be possible to show the data on a laptop screen or something? Would that be better?

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What sort of display did you want to add? There are small OLED ssd1306 chip base displays, LCD displays, etc… the list can get pretty big.

An OLED display or an LCD display i think. We aren’t allowed to use bluetooth communication with the robot, so that’s why we can’t show mapping data on the laptop, right?

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Well most OLED and LCD displays are not very big… so if you are displaying mapping data it would have to be just a couple of lines of data.

For competitions you cannot connect to your computer… but for testing purposes we often send debug information to the computer screen over Bluetooth or other radio devices such as Xbees.

Hi @chirrupted,

The RoboCupJunior general rule says wireless comunication is allowed betweem two robots.
So at rescue league, we will not allow the wireless comunication between your PC and your robot during a game.
If you would like to show the maping data on dislay, you have to add the display on your robot.

I think it will be a big melit and reason to add a display on your robot.

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