Dimensions of the tile

Dear Technical Committee,

I have a question regarding the specifications of the tiles used in the competition. Specifically, when it is mentioned that a tile is 30x30 cm, does this mean that each side of the tile, excluding the thickness of the walls, is 30 cm, or does it mean that each side, including the thickness of the walls, is 30 cm?

To clarify my question further, I am attaching two images with this letter.



Thank you very much for your assistance, and I apologize for any possible language issues.

Hi @AliAr

Good question!
Actually, both fit our rules. This is related to rule 2.3.3 and 2.7.6:

2.3.3 Teams must prepare for the pathways to be slightly smaller in dimension (±10% variation on the tile size) than a tile due to the nature of placing walls.

2.7.6 All measurements in the rules have a tolerance of ±10%.

From these rules, the size of the tile ( or pathway) can be between around 27cm ~ 33cm. It does not matter whether the wall thickness is included in 30cm or not, as long as it is within this range.
This means that it is acceptable to have situations where the width of the pathway varies from place to place in the same field, such as when a wall is included in 30 cm in some parts of the field but not in other parts of the field.

This room in size specification is intended to help make it easier for the organizers to prepare the physical setup, and the team is expected to create a robust robot and program that will not be affected by these “physical error”.

I hope this helps you.


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