Definition of voltage pump

Section 9.2.B Limitations in the 2020 final RCJ Soccer rules states “Voltage pump circuits are permitted only for a kicker drive”. Is there a specific definition of the design of a “voltage pump circuit” that must be complied with?

As far as I know, “eveything” is allowed. I know teams using 400V to power a 12V solenoid.
However, in Germany it is not allowed to have a voltage over 48V when working with underaged students.
So we decided to rip of the copper cable of a solenoid and use a 0.5mm wire instead. With this we can kick with 12V and reach the allowed kicking limit. The current of 20A during 20ms is no problem for a LiPo battery.

Greetings, Roland

Thanks! that’s a really clever approach.