Deadline for Eindhoven Registration

Hi All,

I’m the mentor for the Onstage team that came in 1st in Robocup Singapore this year. May I know what are the deadlines related to participation in Eindhoven?

For reasons that were not explained to us, the local organizer prefers to offer the spot in Eindhoven to schools which are affiliated with the local Ministry of Education. They have already bypassed us, and offered the spot in Eindhoven to the second placed team, which has turned down the offer. Now they are offering the spot to the third placed team, which has yet to confirmed their participation.

If the third placed team also turns down the offer, it’s not clear if the local organizer will continue to go down the line (…4th, 5th, 6th) before offering us the spot, or if they will forfeit the spot entirely. But we fear that even if we do get offered the spot, it may come in too late for us to register or prepare for Eindhoven.


Please drop us an email to junior_execs at so we can further discuss this.

Roberto Bonilla
Robocup Federation Executive Committee member representing RoboCupJunior