Confirmation for the event in Thailand

Our team would like to know if the in-person event will actually happen. We only have four months from now to prepare everything, and the lack of a confirmation is making things really hard financially - since we rely on external support for everything (from travel to construction of the robot) and we have not been able to present the people and organizations that support us with any confirmations yet.
We tried contacting our regional rep about the call for participation, since we won the national competition (OBR), but got no reply whatsoever.
It does mean a lot for us to participate in this event and we are giving everything we have, but things are getting hard with the lack of information about the event. If we could get any kind of confirmation or, at least, more frequent updates about the situation of the event, it would really help.

Thank you for your question. Yes, RoboCup 2022, Bangkok, will be onsite event. We are going to send out the placeholder application to the regional reps. If you are one of the qualified teams, your regional rep will be contacting you to get a confirmation from your team regarding your participation in an onsite event. The updates regarding RoboCup 2022 can be found on the official website:

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