Competition Schedule

Hi there!
I would like to know when the competition schedules (specifically for the RCJ Rescue Maze) will be released and where they will be available (if they haven’t been released yet).

Thank you in advance,
Fernanda, Fran Robots team!

Hi @fernandalima!

The general schedule for RCJ Rescue competition is as follows:

  • June 23rd (23h59 UTC) - Docs submission deadline (Your mentor has already been sent an email with informations about this)
  • July 17th - Onsite registration & Meeting with captains & Practice & Opening ceremony
  • July 18th - Rounds & Interviews & Junior Party
  • July 19th - Rounds & Interviews
  • July 20th - Technical challenge & Poster session & SuperTeams practice
  • July 21st - SuperTeams competition & Junior Awards Ceremony
  • July 22nd - RoboCup Symposium

Your team will be receiving a more detailed schedule with time stamps soon at your personal page.

Best regards,

RCJ Rescue Committee

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