Communication module placement


The new rules regarding the communication module for superteam gameplay mention that the module does not account to the weight limit. Will it also be removed when considering robot size?

Eg. it would be very easy for teams to place these on top plates where they are visible, but that may make the robot too tall if they are considered? Will this be allowed?


I personally don’t think that it would be much of a problem as long as the accompanying mounting hardware does not exceed the dimensions.

I’m sure there will be a discussion.

Yes, the module can exceed the robot height limitation (but of course, it can’t exceed the maximum diameter of the robot).

The whole point is to make usage of this module as non-constraining as possible while still making sure that it will be fair play

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Just please make sure your handle remains free enough as your robots still need to be handled and we would hate to see something break when referees handle them.