Color of the evacuation zone

I tried to find something about color of the evacuation zone (floor and the walls) in the rules, but I havn’t found it.
I am asking because we would like to use a camera for finding the victims. We would be able to do that if the color of the evacuation zone is not close to the color of the balls.
As far as I saw on Youtube every single evacuation zone was white?

The floor is white in colour.
Evacuation zone is a part of floor.
So, the colour of floor of the Evacuation zone is white.
The colour of the wall is not decided, but it would be nicer to the team to make it other than black.


Hi @NesTo

This is a good point.

As far as I know, in previous competitions the walls have been either white, wooden, or clear acrylic (especially if you look at Rescue A videos before 2015). As Naomi says there is no mention of the colour, but it should not be the ball’s colour for good reason, and I would say it is unlikely for the wall to be black or silver.

A difficult option might be clear acrylic. We will discuss on this matter with the TC.


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