Clarifications and final rules online!

Dear all,

the final versions of the rules are online.

You can find them on the official RCJ website.

In Rescue, there were no big changes. We added some clarifications inspired by your questions and our experiences from the regional competitions.

Please verify that you download and review the latest version of the documents for your league.

You will find the following changes marked in yellow:

  • Added two sentences to Summary explaining that there can also be obstacles etc. in the evacuation zone which will not bring extra points
  • new formulation of 3.5.14, exchanging “attempt to rescue […]” by “touching a victim”:

“3.5.14 Points are awarded for successfully driving out of the evacuation zone after at least one successful victim rescue or the robot touching a victim (20 points for finding the line again after driving out of the evacuation zone).”

  • change of 3.6.3 to be clearer and match the corresponding rule in Maze

  • 3.7.1 deleted “The number of victims will be the same for each field (or arena) layout.” because it confuses more than it helps and the matter is already treated by 3.3.15:

3.3.15 The difficulty of the run and the amount of points that can be reached will be the same or usually the same for every team in a given round on a particular field.


  • Summary removed parenthesis that claimed that rescue kits are to be designed by the team (so you can also use dices etc.)

  • 1.5.5 clarified:

1.5.5 There may be objects that resemble heated victims in appearance, but are not victims. […]

  • 1.5.6 added “uppercase”:

1.5.6 Visual victims are uppercase letters printed on or attached to the wall. […]

  • 3.5.8 changed “the ramp” to “a ramp” to stress that there can also be more than one (or none) ramps

  • small correction of 3.6.3 exchanging “team captain” by “team”

Thank you for all of your feedback, please feel free to ask further questions if you have some :slight_smile:
We are looking forward to meeting you all in Nagoya!
Best regards,

Hi Jennifer,

In the summary for rescue line its updated:
“The robot may face obstacles/_speed bumps/_debris in the evacuation zone. The robot will not score points by negotiating these difficulties.”

It changes a lot the development, we made investiment in 3D pieces, and its only two weeks to adapt the claw for Speed Bumps, as it was not clear in the first rules, you think it is possible to make this change for speed bumps only for the next year’s rules?


Hi Victor,

The rule has not changed, it has always been possible with obstacles and speed bumps in the evacuation zone (and it will still be allowed).

But we will probably don’t use it in the first rounds, maybe just in the finals. Or never.

So don’t worry about the claw!

Best Regards,
// Fredrik Löfgren, TC and OC member 2016 / 2017

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