Clarification on Rule 4.6.7 - Scoring Ramp


Rule 4.6.7 states:

Successful Up or Down Ramp Navigation. A robot is awarded 10 points for successfully navigating
up or down a ramp (i.e.: the robot can score a maximum of 10 points per ramp). The robot has
successfully navigated through the ramp when it moves from the bottom to the top tile (or viceversa)
and is completely within the horizontal tile without toppling over.

Since there is slight room for interpretation (especially if I look back to the 2019 rules), I would like to confirm if I understood this rule correctly: the points are only given once, nevertheless from which direction and how many times the ramp was navigated? So, if e.g. the robot moved on the ramp up, 10 points will be awarded. And if the robot moves later on the same ramp down, no additional points are awarded? Am I correct?


Referee & Referee Instructor - RCJ Austrian Open

Hi @richard,

Sorry for the late reply.
Ramp scores are calculated in the same way as Speed ​​bumps.

2022 committee