Clarification on Rule 4.5.1

4.5.1 A robot is awarded points for successfully navigating each hazard (gaps in the line, speed bumps, intersections,dead ends, ramps, obstacles, and seesaws). Points are awarded per hazard when the robot has reached the subsequent tile in sequence. A ramp as a hazard accounts for only the inclined tile. Point allocations are, 10 points per gap, 15 points per obstacle, 10 points per intersection/dead end, 10 points per ramp, and 5 points per speed bump, 15 points per seesaw.

Example from the official rulebook:

The robot passes through the circled intersection two separate times, but each presents a different situation. The first time, the robot passes through the intersection without turning. The second time after the U-turn, the robot turns at the intersection. Are points awarded twice for each separate traversal of the intersection, or only once for the entire hazard?

Hi @victorhu3,

Yes, you can get points for each direction of the intersection in this case.
You can find it on the rule section 4.5.4.

‚Äč4.5.4 Each gap, speed bump, intersection, dead end, obstacle, and seesaw can only be scored once per intended direction through the course. Points are not awarded for subsequent attempts through the course.


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