Clarification on rule 3.5.4, rule 1.7.1 and goal crossbars

I would like to clarify rule 3.5.4, rule 1.7.1 and whether there will be crossbars on the goals.

Figure 1 shows that the crossbars will be removed. Furthermore, rule 1.7.1 states how robots are not able to enter the penalty area, which implies that they will not be able to enter the goal. This makes rule 3.5.4 obsolete.

Rule 1.7.1 states a robot can be fully inside a penalty area. Does this include the penalty area surrounding the attacking and defending goal or just the defending goal?

Hi Yotam,
as far as I see you are right with 3.5.4 being obsolete.

And I understand 1.7.1 to be ANY goal.
But we should wait for an official answer…

(Coach of Bohlebots)