Clarification of Line Rule 3.2.1

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in the rules it is stated:

3.2.1. Any robot kit or building blocks, either available on the market or built from raw hardware, may be used as long as the design and construction of the robot are primarily and substantially the original work of the students.

I want to replace the EV3s Brick for my student with a similar concept I developed. I would build the replacement Brick, while the students do the programming and general incorporation of the Brick into their robots.
My question now would be to what extent this creation would have to be available on the market. Would I have to sell it, or would simply uploading the circuit diagram be enough for example?

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I’m not a judge but have been a mentor for soccer, maze, and line for years. My understanding of this rule is:

  1. The robot can be bought in the marketplace by any other team (some robots are not allowed to be exported for example).
  2. The robot is open source and other teams have access to both schematics and control software/os code (via Github for example).
  3. The robot was custom built and all work design work was performed by the students

Since you have built the EV3 replacement brick, you either need to do number 1 or number 2.

Thank you @Dennisma, for your clearly comment.

Hi @Tim3853 ,

You said you developed and build the replacement Brick by your self.
Its a your robot.
Its not robot kit and your student’s robot.
You have to fill No1 and No2 which pointed out by Dennis.
Your students should build the replacement Brick by themselves.

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