Clarification - Lightweight participation twice limit

Good Day!

The February 17, 2017 rules section 2.1 state that “Starting in 2017, Soccer Lightweight team members can participate in the World Championship only twice. After their second participation, they need to move to Soccer Open.”

This appears to indicate that the counting for this rule starts in 2017 - so students that have participated in Lightweight twice previously can continue in Lightweight for another two years.

Please advise if this is the correct interpretation.


Hi Chris,

Good to see another post from you. The rule will be effective on Nagoya, Japan 2017 competition, meaning that this will be the first participation. It doesn’t`t matter if the team participated previously. it will not count.

Hope it is clearer now.

Best regards,

Ing. Roberto Bonilla
RoboCupJunior International
General co-Chair Organizing Committee