Clarification for off-center center of mass victims for Rescue line


The new rules for rescue line now include this:
Section 2.10.2 “A victim represents a person and is in the form of a 4-5 cm diameter sphere with an off-center center of mass and a maximum weight of 80 g.”

I was curious about the specifics. Will the off center mass have to adhere to the inside of the sphere? Or can the weight move around inside the sphere?

When constructing these new victims, it seems easier if the weight can be applied using sand (loose weight that can shift inside the sphere). Alternatively, 3D printed victims can have a weight applied to one side only (always the same side). Those are the two options I am working with now.

Which version will be used for competitions? Fixed weight or loose weight?

Thank you,

Hi @jeremy.desmond,

please have a look at a post regarding this issue Weighted Victims Definition and Build Guide.

However, do note that this is just a suggestion and the final execution depends on the local organizers, so it may vary for different competition. Therefore, both options you mentioned are possible, but we expect the one with loose weight to be more common.

Hope this answer helps and goo luck!