Checkpoint on/after ramp


Checkpoint markers cannot be placed on tiles with scoring elements according to 3.3.5.
How does this work with ramps, that are now scoring for negotiating? Do they not count as an “element” or will there be some restrictions on placing a checkpoint marker on or directly after a ramp?
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Hi Sebastian!

As far as we understood (just finished one of the german qualification tournaments on Sunday), a tile with a scoring element is just a tile which has inclination, so if the tiles go like this:


then one would have tiles with scoring elements on position 1,2,4 and 6, could place checkpoint markers on 3 and 5 (and of course on tiles 0 and 7 if they are tiles without scoring elements) and would earn a total of 15 points when passing this section, because 1 and 2 would count as one long ramp¹ giving 5 points in total and 4 and 6 would gain 5 points each.

Maybe one of the TC members wants to confirm my example :slight_smile:

Regards from Germany,

¹ However when counting the tiles for gaining points after 3.5.3, the tiles 1) and 2) count as two tiles.

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Dear Sebastian,

Jennifer is correct on the interpretation for the points.


Kai Junge
2019 TC

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