[CfP]New Simulation Demonstration Workshops 22nd – 27th June 2020

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This is a CFP for virtual workshops to be held during RoboCup2020 period.
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RCJ Rescue 2020 TC&OC | Working group member for the new simulation

RoboCupJunior Rescue New Simulation Demonstration Workshops 22nd – 27th June 2020

Throughout the week of the 22nd-27th we will be running seminars to introduce and test two simulation rescue platforms. We are testing two platforms: WebotsSimApp-Erebus and CoppeliaSimApp-Simplus. At the end of the week, there will be a mini-virtual competition!


UTC : 3 pm | Live Q&A. (Python)
UTC : 12 am | Live Q&A. (C/C++)

UTC : 7 am Live Q&A. (both Python and C/C++)
UTC : 4 pm Live Q&A. (both Python and C/C++)


June 23rd: Seminar 1: Introduction, & Movement, Navigation
June 24th: Seminar 2: Sensing & Victim Detection
June 25th: Seminar 3 - Getting Competition Ready!
June 26th: Work on your programs
June 27th: Virtual Mini-Contest

  • These will be virtual Zoom Meeting, with the links and passwords made available prior to the meeting
  • All seminars will be recorded, and available for viewing after each meeting.
  • There will be a forum facilitated especially for participants’ communication, including questions, feedback, etc.
  • In each seminar, a mini-challenge will be announced. Teams are encouraged to work on the mini-challenge after each session, and share their solution with other participants. The information about how to share will be announced later by the workshop organizer.
  • The top 3 best solutions/code work for each mini-challenge and contest will be recognized on our platform website.
  • Make sure to sign up for our mailing list (https://forms.gle/5vLhNFiUD55bRWNn8) to receive updates and links to the seminar sessions.


Please register for the workshop:
WebotsSimApp-Erebus: https://forms.gle/7GG7TtBdK5dWogJg6
CoppeliaSimApp-Simplus: https://forms.gle/2pa6LFT8RJNwP4gVA


Also check out the RCJ Forums for discussion pertaining to the individual June 23-27 workshops.
WebotsSimApp-Erebus: Jun 23-27 - Robots Simulation Workshops with Webots
CoppeliaSimApp-Simplus: Jun 23-27 - Robots Simulation Workshops with V-RepSimApp