Can We Use Pololu Distance Sensor?


My team is looking at using the Pololu distance sensor with Pulse Width Modulation to detect walls.

Rule 3.2.5 states that,

Only lasers from classes 1 and 2 are allowed for the safety of participants and spectators. The organizers will check this during the inspection. Teams using lasers must have the datasheet of the laser and submit them before the competition and be able to show them during the competition.

We have been unable to locate a datasheet for this specific sensor and were wondering if there was any alternative. I have also been unable to locate the class of laser, however on the website it does say that it is eye safe.

If we are able to find or get access to a datasheet, how would you like us to submit this before the competition?
Here is a link to the sensor that we are planning to use. (Pololu Distance Sensor with Pulse Width Output, 130cm Max)

This is most likely a Class 1 so you should be fine. You should get a datasheet from Pololu however so you have proof. Normally they’d have one online under the specs or resources tab but they do not for this product.

I asked on their forum (because I am curious myself what it is). If they post a copy of the datasheet I’ll post it here.


Thank you @Dennisma for posting this question in the Pololu forum! Here is for everyone’s reference: Datasheet for product #4071 - Support / Sensors - Pololu Forum

According to the spec and official Pololu response, this sensor utilices laser class 1. Therefore this is allowed.


Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee