Can we use a cellphone to run an app in our robot?

Hi, our group has a doubt; can we use a cellphone to act as a microphone, speaker and hold an app for our robot to function? The cellphone is not like a remote control; only is used to run the app autonomously.
We’ll appreciate your answer.

Thank you for reaching out with the inquiry. Could you explain more about the app that you will run on your phone? Why do you need the app and how that is used in your robot performance?

Sure. The app converts text to speech, selects keywords, and then searches the robot program for an answer and reads the answer aloud thanks to the immersive reader. We need that app specially for recognizing voice and for the inmersive reader.

Hi Sophie,
as long as the phone does not make use of any connection to off-stage devices (e.g. via WiFi / 4G / 5G) you are free to use it in your performance.
Refer to Rule 3.5 and Rule 3.6 for this.

Ok, thanks for your answer