Can We Participate Online?

Hi everyone

we received the invitation very late, so we have almost no hope of getting a visa, although we are still trying.
I have a request because we have completed the registration and we really want to participate in the world championships because we have been preparing for it for two years, is it possible for our team to make the competitions online like last year? That we upload the files in one hour like last year?

Ilia Zareian capitan of Roboverse team

Hi @iliazn

We understand your situation regarding the late invitation and visa challenges. While we appreciate your team’s enthusiasm, we cannot offer online participation this year due to the organization of the Simulation competition.
We encourage you to still try attending the event, potentially through visa assistance or expedited processes. We wish you the best of luck with your visa application and hope to see you at the competition this year!

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Last year we ran Simulation online and it mostly worked fine. It saved everyone a ton of money, there were no VISA problems, and there was NO “carbon footprint” impact.

I was in Montreal for RCJ International years ago and I saw the presentation of the team that won OnStage. The team was from Japan and it was all about how we need to reduce our carbon footprint. After she performed, an RCJ Member (Amy Eiguchi) got up and told us all reduce our carbon impact.

Simulation is the PERFECT way to do this.



According to your order above, unfortunately it seems that there is no attempt to compete online(I realy agree with @Dennisma )
Please, if possible, ask the French embassy in Iran to give us at least the time of the embassy for Irainian team`s

French embassy email in iran:

I`m ilia Zareian capitan of Roboverse team


Hello @Dennisma,

We fully understand what you said, but I want to be mindful that RoboCup is not only the competition. It is a full environment of collaboration and learning, where we expect the students to collaborate to help fulfill the RoboCup goals. That’s why it was decided to have the competition on-site; although we are open, the SuperRegionals can host them in a virtual format if they would like to. Remember, it is not winning or loosing; what matters is all that was learned. But we will include your comments in our future discussions.

@iliazn, As you are aware, we do our best to provide the required documentation for you to support your visa application; although we don’t have any inference in foreign affairs, LOC is doing and working hard with the French government to help in this process. We suggest being in close contact with your regional rep on this matter.

Hope all get sorted soon.