Can we keep our laptop on the stage for showing a livestream to the audience

We have a robot with a Raspberry Pi camera which gives us a livestream video and this requires a display which is a laptop, so can we keep a laptop on the stage during our OnStage performance?

Thank You!

Hi Arnav,

Thank you for your inquiry. :slight_smile:

Yes, you can keep a laptop on the stage during the OnStage performance. However, you cannot use main electricity. (refer to 1.3.4)

BTW, I have two concerns about your performance. Could you give us more detailed information to clarify them?

  1. What method will you use in sending videos from the Raspberry Pi to the laptop?
    Please refer to the rules 1.4.2. Junior teams are never allowed to use Wi-Fi at the competition venue. There is no exception on that.

  2. Are there any plans to show that streaming video on screen with a projector?
    At this moment we do not know how long the cable to connect to the projector is and how the AV equipment is arranged. We cannot promise you to be able to offer what you want.

I hope everything goes well for you.

Shoko Niwa (2018 OnStage TC and OnStage OC chair)

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Thank You for your response.

  1. It is necessary for me to use WIFI for streaming the video on my Raspberry Pi to laptop through IP address.
  2. It is possible to project it but my laptop requires thunderbolt Cable for projecting on screen.

And yes I don’t require to use the main electricity.

I kindly request you to please clarify me about the WIFI situation.
-Thank You :slight_smile:

Hi Arnav,

Regarding the use of Wi-Fi, unfortunately, we cannot give a Junior team any permission. There is no exception at all. That’s because every band of Wi-Fi is reserved for other league’s competition and we have to avoid interferes. Please refer the rule 1.4.2.

Sincerely yours,
Shoko Niwa (2018 OnStage TC and OnStage OC chair)

Thank You @Shoko.Niwa for your reply.

I have figured out a way to use my live streaming feature without using WIFI.
Arnav Jaiswal :smiley:

I am looking forward for a reply to my query regarding the permission to use 6v 5amp lead acid battery