Can i use vex iq motor for robocup

I am new to robocop and my team is looking to expand from the vrc competition. as this can js fill our time while we wait for a new comp.

Hi and welcome to RoboCup. We don’t have a lot of restrictions on what parts you can use, any robot that’s conformant to the rules of the league you’re participating in is fine as long as it is not a kit specifically meant for that task that does a lot of the work for you. What league are you thinking of joining? Call me partial but Soccer’s great. Also: What region are you coming from?

Oh i am from the singapore region. I read the motor specs and the robot requirements. That means i can use a powerful motor that us unfer 12 volts and still be ok?
Uh there is leagues, since our team is quite new we dont know what league to join so heh.

Different leagues have different restrictions on voltage: for example, the soccer lightweight and open league are open until 48V. The Lightweight entry league has a maximum nominal limit of 12V and the soccer entry league a maximum limit of 9V.
As far as I know, all the other non entry leagues (OnStage, Rescue Maze&Line) have a nominal limit of 12V (nominal means: a 3S LiPo has a nominal voltage if 11.1V and fully charged 12.6V).

So i can use vex iq or vex v5 motors as long it does not go over the limit. Wow. Ok

The game manual is really annoying, so can you tell me the max voltage and the weight, size and hight pls?
And i will be joining the soccer lightwieght.

The limits for lightweight are:

  • Max. 48V (Your robot is not allowed to exceed this limit at any point)
  • Max. 1400g
  • Max. site is a diameter of 22cm. Your robot has to fit smoothly in the measurement diameter cylinder.

Please read all the rules before starting development of your robot, so you don’t get disqualified.

Good luck in lightweight!!!

it is quite small, but since it is vex, i can easily make a robot, but it is autonomous, or is it driver control.
nvm i cant participate, since it uses really insane sensors which only the ev3 while the vex does not.

Thats to bad.
Maybe you should consider building your robots out of 3D printed parts and circuit boards. You would have to learn cad programs’, like autodesk inventor and eagle but the benefits are huge.
Since I don´t your financials, maybe this isn´t possible for you, but maybe the vex iq kit is suitable for other leagues besides soccer.

The sensors are not that crazy, basically IR remote control receivers, a couple TSOPs and a chip to read them is all it is. The Vex system has an I2C interface so you could use an adapter or solder a wire to use one of the existing sensors. One of the cheapest options is probably the sensor design published by bohlebots, I think it’s below 30$ and you can order the PCB and parts for cheap on the usual suspects of PCB/assembly servicea (PCBway, Aisler, JLCPCB). There will always be a learning curve, it’s not completely plug & play but it’s not a super scary first electronics thing to do. People here on the forum are also usually there to help. Let us know if that would be something you would want to try.

To Slayer,

Vex is notorious against anyone attempting to cross-platform work outside Vex brand.

As David pointed out, robocup junior will offer you a whole new learning opportunity from just not being confined within a single platform. You are encouraged to tinker the electronic level.

I recall I have one of my students attempted to interface the vexiq motors with Arduino-based controller. He digged out an osciliscope and probe; and he made it. It worked beautifullly so that he could create a smaller platform but with more powerful controller. He shared his work online thinking that it will be beneficial to others, as it helped them to learn more lower level interface and understand more in electronic. Well, unfortunately, we received a very unpleasant email from their support and was told us not to do that. Our post on their forum was removed.

So to conclude:

  1. if you want to take advantage of the learning opportunity to expand your knowledgebase in the electronic level, RCJ will offer one of the best challenging opportunity.
  2. You will most likely have to perform some cross platform interface if you want to stay within the rules, but remain using some vexiq components, and be able to perform.
  3. if you want to just remain mostly VexIQ components, you most likely won’t get help from its support once you want to go outside the Vex brand.

After all, competition is only the means to help oneself to excel, not the ends. So, try it… Challenge yourself to tinker around. You may find a whole new electronic world being exciting and fascinating :wink: . As David said, post your questions here. People here would love to help.

– my 2cents thought

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