Can I Use A Bot With 2 ev3 Bricks Connected?

Because of the shortage of the sensor ports, can I build a bot with 2 ev3 bricks?

see : 2.2.4 Bluetooth Class 2, 3 and ZigBee communications are the only wireless communication
types allowed in RoboCupJunior.

If you EV3 software, you may have two ev3 to talk bluetooth. Unfortunately, if you use robotC, you are out of luck.

If you use RobotC, you will have to resort to the Mindsensors sensor mux - In this case, you do not need 2 bricks, but just a mux to add 3 more ports connection.

If you use EV3/Dev, (linux-based), you may resort to use the ethernet connection between 2 ev3. however, you will need to do some simple kernel level programming with ioctl(…).

Hi Spiky,
Yes, Of course you can do that. :slight_smile:
How are you going to connect the two EV3?

Naomi -TC 2018