Can a robot split into 2 smaller robots in the round?


Can our team design a robot that spits into 2 smaller ones when the round is started?
Each one will go on a different path and the robot will be assembled route to one piece when the two smaller robots go back to the starting tile


First of all I apologize for a delayed answer, I hope you understand with the complexity of the question :slight_smile:
Although we as a committee find this idea very creative and were impressed by your way of thinking, we unfortunately cannot allow this, because it created way to many loopholes in the rules.
Main concern is what would the procedure after a LoP be (note you are only allowed to press one button, so you would not be able to restart both robots)? Is one of the robots considered “a part that falls off” and cannot be touched anymore until the end of the run? But then we cannot award points for anything it achieves.
Ultimately, it would not be different from just deploying two separate robots in the maze, algorithm-wise.

I hope you understand, and really appreciate creative thinking and hope to hear more out-of-the-box ideas.