Camera and rasberry pi usage in rescue line

Are cameras and rasberry pi allowed in this competition? as most line following competions dont allow this.


Yes we allow cameras and raspberry pi. However be careful not to use any ML software premade to solve tasks, such as lone following, that may come with the camera. The use of these softwares is forbidden.

Also only your code is allowed to be run on the raspberry.


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Im not sure what you mean by “only your code is allowed to be run on the rasberry”. Can you please elaborate?
thanks for your time

Hi, as you probably know, raspberry is essentially a small computer. Therefore there could be many processes running on boot. To keep it in line with the rest of the rules, information obtained through any processes not programmed by students themselves are not allowed to be relayed to other controllers that might be present on the robot, or influence its decision making in any way.

Hopefully this clears things up, if you have more questions, or my answer was not clear enough, feel free to reach out again :slight_smile:

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