Call for RCJ Soccer Sub-Committee members

Hello everyone,

We are gearing up for another successful RoboCupJunior event in Bangkok, Thailand! This year, the RoboCupJunior League committees are tasked with various new initiatives including developing the entry level rules to guide the competitions at regions/super-regions. To help completing those tasks, we are reaching out to you to identify RoboCupJunior community members who might be interested in joining the League subcommittees that we are establishing this year.

The subcommittee members will work collaboratively with the League Committee members on specific tasks. The following shows the subcommittees that we are recruiting members for. The subcommittee members are NOT joining the League committees. However, this is a great way to identify future candidates for the League committees and conversely, for the sub-committee members to try out what might the work around organizing a RoboCupJunior (Soccer) event entail.

Soccer Simulation Development Team

Job description: Soccer Simulation Development Team Task Description - Google Docs
Application Form:

Entry Rule Subcommittee

We will discuss rule changes and suggestions regarding the international Soccer leagues “Lightweight” and “Open”. The discussion can be focused on

  • optimizing the currently played rulesets,
  • envisioning the future by incorporating new trends and technology into the gameplay,
  • finding consensus on Soccer Entry Rules and maintaining them.

Currently, the main task at-hand is to support the regions with an Entry Ruleset that may be played at regional and super-regional level. We shall agree on a detailed suggestion for such entry rules. The challenge will also be in finding a consensus amongst the regions as this ruleset should be in unison with the currently-played entry leagues of some countries.

The work in the rules sub-committee will be spread out during the year, usually via meetings every two weeks. It helps to bring prior expertise as a participant or organizer of RCJ Soccer.

Onsite OC Subcommittee:

The Onsite OC will focus on organizing and conducting the annual onsite championships. In preparation, the activities will focus on

  • defining resources,
  • defining timetables
  • communicating with the local organizing committee (LOC)
  • communicating with teams.

While conducting the event, the OnsiteOC will be

  • responsible for carrying out all activities,
  • supervising the tournaments & superteam tournaments
  • carrying out robot inspections
  • taking care of interviews, poster sessions etc.
  • preparing awards

It will be very helpful if the Onsite OC is able to travel to the championship location to help organize the onsite event. Also, in preparation, there will be several meetings weekly or every two weeks leading up to the onsite event, in order to synchronize the work on timetables, resources etc.

Application Form for above two Soccer Subcommittees:

The tentative deadline for filling in the application is the 30th of April, 2022.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask here in the forum or to reach out to me directly.