Call for (International) Volunteers for RCJ 2022 Bangkok

Hello everybody,

RoboCup needs you and your experience: tournaments run more smoothly with many experienced volunteers - and as you know Soccer in particular needs a lot of referees.
Therefore if you are (or know someone who is) able to come to RCJ 2022 Bangkok and volunteer some days of their time at this relatively short notice please ask them to sign up here here, we would love to have you and you can make a real difference in running a great tournament for the teams.

Cheers and hopefully to see you there (I will be there in this volunteering capacity),

P.S.: If you have or know someone with a Rescue or OnStage background, they are also looking for people, they use the same Google Form linked above.

[1] Link for signup form:

Are they still accepting a new volunteer?

@Phoom although it is difficult to guarantee that at this point, I am certain we (the organization) would be delighted to talk to anyone who would be willing to help!

Please just fill in the form and someone will reach out :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your interest!

Thank you for that. I already filled out the form. Hope I have an opportunity to help you.

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