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Right now, we are working on a robot that uses a Lego Brick for movement, and a raspberry pi 4 for image processing and algorithms. Based on this, we have two options:
• Wired connection: Create communication between Lego, Arduino and Raspberry Pi 4. The Arduino would work as a “bridge” between Lego and the Raspberry Pi 4.
• Wireless connection: Connect Lego and Raspberry Pi 4 using the Bluetooth protocol.

I was reading the forum, and I found the following post:

Communication between several Lego Bricks within a single robot - RoboCupJunior Rescue - RoboCupJunior Forum

In this, the following is mentioned:

Based on this, the second connection is not allowed, right? Not to my understanding, but before starting to build the robot, I would like to confirm it.

Hello @WillyWonka ,

Sorry for the confusion, the post you’re referencing was answered before the final release of the 2024 rules. The updated rule 3.2.6 allows you to implement either way, option 1 or option 2. The only two scenarios where wireless communication is allowed in the competition is for the super teams challenge to communicate with other robot in the same SuperTeams team or for communications within the same robot, including the Rescue Line and Rescue Maze challenge, the technical challenge and, of course, SuperTeams. Because you will have a Lego and Raspberry Pi 4 within the same robot, they can communicate over bluetooth if you prefer, but the availability of the frecuencies cannot be guaranteed.

Hope this helps!

3.2.6 Wireless communication is only allowed within the robot or between robots of the same SuperTeam during the SuperTeam Challenge. It is only allowed to communicate via Bluetooth class 2 or class 3 (range shorter than 20 meters) or via ZigBee. Due to the nature of the Rescue challenge, the RCJ General rules on wireless communication do not apply. Other types of wireless communication equipment need to be removed or disabled. If the robot has other wireless communication equipment, the team must prove that this wireless communication is disabled. Any form of wireless communication from the robot to external devices is explicitly prohibited. Non-conforming robots may be immediately disqualified from the tournament. Teams are responsible for their communication. The availability of frequencies cannot be guaranteed.


Diego Garza Rodriguez
2024 Committee

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Couple of suggestions.

  1. This…

“Wireless communication is only allowed within the robot or between robots of the same SuperTeam during the SuperTeam Challenge.”

…could be misinterpreted to mean that wireless communication is not allowed outside of SuperTeam Challenge. Perhaps it could be worded as…

“Wireless communication is allowed within the robot. It is also allowed between robots of the same SuperTeam during the SuperTeam Challenge.”

  1. Besides Bluetooth and ZigBee, there are other protocols operating in the ISM band (eg. ESPNow, the micro:bit’s “Radio”) which are significantly easier to use. While I understand that there may be concerns about interference with WiFi, this is a concern that applies to all ISM band devices. Perhaps the committee can consider easing the restrictions to allow the teams more flexibility in the types of communication protocol to use.
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