Bordeaux Erebus version

Which version of Erebus is planned to be used in Bordeaux?
v22 looks to be published but according to a message in discord (here) it’s only a preview. Is there an approximate timeline for when the final decision will be published?


We are waiting to understand which version of Erebus and WeBots will be used too.
For the teams is important to know that quite in advance.
We got many compatibility problems using different versions of those software.

It would be nice to get an answer to this.
Not knowing which specific simulator version is will lead to issues if we’re all forced to rewrite for the newer changes right before.

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Did you read this post Rescue Sim 2023 update. ??

Yes to Dennisma, please visit the link that he inserted.

To address your concern:

  • The biggest difference lies on the minor change required from the coordinate system - Conversion to FLU/ENU. This should not impose major change to well-developed navigation algorithm
  • As far as the Cyberbotics Webots versions: Webots R2022b contains quite a few major bugs which have been fixed in Webots R2023a. Cyberbotics just released 2023a Nov 28th. (We need time to do more testing with it.) Thus, R2022a is the latest release to work with at the moment.
  • Judging by the changelog in R2023a, there is no notable items which will affect Rescue Sim; except the ability of running external remote controller. We are currently testing this feature and its usability as well to ensure minimal affect.
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Hi @quantumlyy,

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