Binary Button Reset sequence

In the rules, it says that we need a binary button to reset our robot in the case of a lack of progress. However, in order to reset our robot, we need to turn off our motors, turn off our controller(arduino), turn on our controller, and turn on our motors. Just be be clear, our reset sequence is the following:

  1. turn off our motors by flicking a switch
  2. Reset(turn the arduino on and off) by pressing down and releasing a button
  3. Turn on our robots by flicking the switch.
    Would this reset sequence be okay?

It is a good question…

As long as it is always the same procedure prescribed to “reset” your robot, it will be fine.

The point of that rule is to avoid teams to switch programs, or utilize a particular sequence of button pushing to inform the bot to do something other than a simple reset. A simple reset must remain the same procedure at all times.