Beginner question

Hey robocup juniorees,

I just discovered this program as a way to get more into robotics. I am currently a junior looking to make a team w some friends of mine. I am unsure of how to sign up or learn more about this program. The website is a bit bland/vague and idk what to look for. The junior league w soccer and rescue look fun and I want to join. I can’t find much online of what I’m looking for and some type of explanation of how robocup operates would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Kai

Welcome to RoboCup,

do you guys have any electronics and/or proframming experience? And where are you geographically (I’m guessing broadly USA because you wrote Junior). RoboCup is a competition and not so much a program unless your school makes one out of it but we’ll do our best to help you along and point you to resources you need.

Greeting from Germany


Thanks for your response. Me and my friends are part of our local FRC team. We have access to our schools makerspace w a 3d printer and lazercutter along w all the tool appliances we need for building. My experiences lie in design and cad as well as a decent understanding in electronics from arduino projects. My friends provide code and autonomous knowledge. I think I’m looking for a place to express my building knowledge and learn more aside from my frc team.

Yes, I am from the US, I am still researching other programs like this. Idk if I will try this out as a competition considering my friends are looking for something more domestic.

Hi @Windwaffle, The best thing to do if you want to learn more about RCJ activities in your region is to get in contact with your Regional Chair. Their contact details can be found here: Regional Representatives. They should be able to put you in touch with other teams or organisations locally and tell you about upcoming events.

For examples, soccer has some great posters and watching YouTube are my go to places to find out about the competition!

Good luck!

Margaux - RCJ Exec 2023